Wildcats News · Event Parking: Winter Sports

Parking for the 2018-19 Winter Sports Season has been adjusted from prior years.

There will be NO parking for students, athletes, or fans behind the high school, beside the tennis courts, or on Taylor St. leading to the back side of the high school.

General Parking/Student Parking – KHS Parking Lot (off of Harding Ave. in front of high school outlined in green) designated for:  Fans, students, patrons of the game.

Event Staff Parking – Taylor St. (entrance to the back of KHS shown by the blue line) designated for:  Handicapped, Referees, Game Event Staff, and Coaches.

Busses/Emergency Response Parking – R.E. & Joan S. Allen Parkway (lane between KHS and the tennis courts shown by the red line) designated for:  Visiting Team Busses, KPD, Hardin Co. Sheriff, EMS.